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What Is The Eligibility For Sitting In The NDA Exam | Alfametis

What Is The Eligibility For Sitting In The NDA Exams?

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When one of the most prestigious organization prepares you for a team, you got to know that the barriers you need to cross and jump are never going to be anywhere around easy.

The National Defence Academy, which is one of its kind and one of the best in the world, receives a swarm of applications of prospective warm blood youth each year but it is only the strongest, smartest and fittest who are able to go through the tough scrutinizes.

But what exactly do you need to sit for the NDA exam in the first place?

Here’s what you need to know / Eligibility Criteria For NDA Exam :

1. You must be of the land

If you are a permanent resident of India, Nepal or Bhutan, you have already cleared the first barrier. Individuals of Indian origin who have migrated from Burma, SriLanka, Pakistan & East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, and Ethiopia or Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India are also eligible to sit for the paper.

2. Single – Male – young

Unfortunately, NDA exam doesn’t allow girls to sit for the exam, only unmarried boys, born between 2nd January 2001- 1st January 2004 can sit for NDA paper of 2019.

3. Physically sound mind and body

It goes without saying that NDA training is a process that challenges all the upper limits of the human body. It’s therefore evident that people having physical disabilities including but not limited to those disabilities that hamper the physical performance of the body are not eligible to sit for the exam.

Congratulations! We saw you smile while approving yourself. But wait! It’s time for some real hard work.

Now that you know that you are eligible for the exam, it would be great if you prepare yourself better for it. Count less, do more, here at Alfametis, one of the pioneers of the Best NDA Coaching in Delhi, you get to be under the umbrella of experienced faculty who totally know how to get you on the best pedestal. Register today at our NDA coaching academy in Dwarka.

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