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Preparation Strategies for AFCAT 2020 Exam | Alfametis

Preparation Strategies for AFCAT 2020 Exam

AFCAT exam preparation strategies

Preparation Strategies for AFCAT 2020

Air Force Common Admission Test is conducted by Indian Air Force. It is scheduled two times a year in February and August. It is a very prestigious exam in Indian Defence Services and every aspirant hopes to be selected in this exam. This exam selects class-1 gazetted officers in flying squad and ground duty officers for technical and non-technical duties. How to prepare for AFCAT exam? That question always comes to candidates mind. We provide the best Preparation Strategies for AFCAT 2020.  Below are some points that will guide candidates through AFCAT journey.

Aspirants should know about the exam

A candidate should study the exam pattern in detail and make a proper plan before starting the exam preparation. Candidates who are attending the exam must know the subjects and topics of the exam syllabus. Good knowledge of exam pattern will guide them through the end. It can be a long journey or a short journey is solely dependent upon the candidate. A candidate with a good attitude and persistent preparation can ace this exam in one attempt. Best AFCAT coaching institute provides counselling about how to approach the exam.

Examine yourself

After a detailed analysis of the exam, you must analysis yourself and find out what are your weaknesses, what your strong points are, in which areas you need improvement, in which areas you need practice.

Make Precise Outlining

It is an essential facet of AFCAT preparation. Candidates should start with a section in which they have uttermost confidence. Make short notes while doing tricks, formulas, shortcuts and important bullet points for late revision.

Online Test Series 

Online test series is a perfect tool to analyse your progress. You can buy AFCAT online test series from various AFCAT coaching platforms. It will also increase your speed and help you to fetch good marks at last. It will strengthen your weak section in which you feel uncomfortable. Regular test-taking is essential to get a good rank.

Time Management

Time management is a crucial phase of the AFCAT exam. There is no sectional time allowed in the exam. Candidates have to be very careful about the time that you are going to spend on every question and section. You have 100 questions to answer in 120 minutes. You must not waste the time on questions that you do not know the answer to. Go for easy questions first and hard questions at last.AFCAT Coaching institute also helps with time management.

AFCAT Coaching

Coaching plays a vital role in the preparation of the AFCAT exam. Coaching provides students exam-oriented suggestion, pinpoints their weakness and specific notes on topics and boost the morale of aspirants. AFCAT coaching guide students in the right direction and make sure that they are not entangled. Best AFCAT Coaching Institute also has trained faculty, a good environment, A planned way of study things, how to learn under pressure, quick tips, and many subject-oriented suggestions. Some AFCAT coaching also has trained psychologists to provide therapies to stressed students.

Never lose faith in yourself

You have a dream to become a fighter pilot, you make sure that you will do it with passion, always believe in yourself.

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