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Last Minute Preparation Tips To Nail AFCAT Exam

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Imagine cramming pile loads of notes, mugging up every possible piece of information that one could ever need and then forgetting it all together in a blow. Such a nightmare, ain’t it?
The need to revise and brush up everything right before your exam can never be stressed more than this. But with so much on your head and so limited time frames, how do you buck up?

Here, we tell you some amazing last minute preparation tips to nail AFCAT exam in a go:

Take it easy:

Stress can never be better at destroying your memory than during the last 24 hours before an important exam, better keep it at bay when it’s almost time for you to sit for the Afcat exam. Streamline every effort you can make and cut short the stressing conundrum by practicing breathing sessions, meditating for a while, taking it slow and understanding things rather than rushing on them.

What you know best is what you do fastest:

There is no such thing as “sectional” timing in the AFCAT exam, we therefore strongly advise our students to attempt and solve the topics they know best, to save their time and use it later.

Every minute counts, yes, even the breaks:

Now when I say that each minute counts, I mean even the short rests and snack breaks that you take while studying for long hours. With military aptitude, logical reasoning, communication, and mathematics, it’s pretty obvious for you to be exhausted while preparing for the AFCAT exam. Though there is absolutely no need to stick to a chair and study straight for 10 hours, as much as your physical self, your mental well being also is very much prone to overtiring, give yourself regular breaks but do not waste time.

The past plays a role:

Last year question papers, syllabus, sample papers everything that has happened in the past can most likely also happen sometime in the future. Same is the case for many defence examinations, also AFCAT for that matter. Though it’s never 100 percent certain many of the questions are more or less based on the similar concept and line of thought, so you better check that!

Break it and take it:

Manuscripts of mankind are not what you should be studying at the end moment, grab the summaries, break the core meaning of the theories and text and chug it all. When a limited time is left at your disposal while preparing for the AFCAT exam, you don’t need to start it all over again, just stick to the essentials and read the summaries.

Early to bed and early to rise:

This is said more than once and for a candidate, this stands like a line of rock. Go to bed early, turn off the gadgets that you use daily and set an alarm for early on the day of the exam, mornings are best for memory retainment. You know you’ll excel the AFCAT exam with a fresh mind and a sharper memory.

Checklists to the rescue:

With so much running in the head already, it’s better to note down some essential things to do before the exam, like keeping the important stationery hand, taking along the admit card, passport size photos and ID proof to avoid the hassle.

Now that you know the basic drill, how would you choose your exact strategy? We know how! At the best AFCAT coaching academy in Delhi, we train the students for multifaceted aspects like time management, quick solving tips, memorizing tricks and a lot more than a student needs to excel in the exam. Take your step and get into the best defence exam coaching institute in Delhi for preparing for AFCAT exam.

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