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Do the army and its life-style fascinate you?
Do the uniform, the discipline and the pride attached peek your life interests?
You could well aim to be a part of the Indian Territorial Army (TA) and lead a happy and fulfilling life. Alfametis, a leading TA coaching academy, could be your best support in transforming this dream into a reality.

Essentially, our Territorial Army is the emergency wing of the mainstream army. They train their members from the Lieutenant rank to all levels equivalent to the mainstream army levels, including the pay-scale aspect. As a member, you shall be required to train for a period of the stipulated period of 2 to 3 months every year.

Territorial Army (TA)

It was initially established for the purpose of relieving the regular army officials and cadets from static and administrative duties. However, now Territorial Army officers are called for regular service due to a shortage of officers in the regular army. Thus, as a member of the TA, you shall be free to pursue a career in the mainstream army or opt for an additional parallel career of a civilian.

The process of getting inducted in the Territorial Army entails a civilian to clear the written pre-examination and an interview therein. The selected individuals are then screened through a physical examination at the various service selection board headquarters for final selections. Like all other examination, the TA exam also judges the entrants on their grit and readiness (both mental and physical) to join the Territorial Armies.

The Territorial army written exam includes two papers; firstly, the reasoning and elementary mathematics test and secondly, the general knowledge and English test. Both of these examinations are required to be cleared separately. This screening phase is the toughest as it is the only phase where there is competition with others in the traditional sense since you need to come high up in the merit to ensure you stay on with the top 40 (standard batch size).

This is where Alfametis steps in. It is the best Ta coaching academy in Delhi. Founded by ex-defense personnel’s, it provides structured and in-depth coaching to clear this examination as well as the interview. Register Now !!!

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