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How to prepare for CDS 2020 | CDS Coaching Academy | alfametis

How to prepare for CDS 2020

CDS Coaching Academy

CDS 2020

Every year, UPSC conducts the Combined Defense Service (CDS) examination pan India. This examination is a gateway to the top military institutes in India like AFA, OTA, IMA, and INA. Once selected, the candidates are qualified to work with the officers in the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and the Indian Army. Considering the prestige and honor associated with the positions in the military, CDS becomes a very important examination to crack. But the main question is – How to prepare for CDS 2020

In the following points, some of the best-curated CDS 2020 preparation tips from the experts are provided specially for you.

1. Understand the Examination First:

The most basic step that most candidates fail to follow is strategizing. For a good strategy implementation, it is important for you to understand the pattern, format, and syllabus of the CDS examination. 

Check out the official website of UPSC where they post the detailed syllabus and pattern of the examination. Once you know the pattern and syllabus, it becomes easier to study from any reference books.  

Talking about the format of CDS exams, it is conducted in 2 parts: Written examination and SSB interview. The candidates clearing the written test to enter the interview round which is the toughest part. The key to clearing the interview round is confidence.

2. Study Under a Mentor:

Most of the students commit the basic mistake of preparing on their own. For a prestigious examination like the CDS, it is important to have a guide who could help you fare well in the examination. The Alfa Metis CDS Coaching academy was started by a group of ex-defense officers that understand the lock, barrel, and stock of the examination. They have been constantly ranked as the best CDS coaching in Delhi due to their student-focused program. 

Only a maximum of 8 students is allowed in batch for maintaining personalized attention. The burden of constantly keeping yourself updated with the exam notifications will be off your chest as the professors in the institute are always aware of the changes and format of the tests. 

3. Stay Confident and Calm:

During the last week before the examination, it is very important to stay calm and trust your preparation. Hesitation and anxiety will ruin your scores instead of doing any good. Also, the negative marking pattern of the examination will subtract one point from your score if the answer is incorrect. This is why it is important to stay focused during the examination and not let any stress enter your mind.

The judgment of choosing the best of the facilities available at your disposal lies on you. By selecting to work under the guidance of a mentor, your chances of success in the examination increases fourfold. Also, if traveling is a concern for you, Alfa Metis has the best option of arranging a hostel or PG for your convenience.  

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