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How To Answer The 10 Rapid Fire SSB Interview Questions | Alfa Metis

How To Answer The 10 Rapid Fire SSB Interview Questions

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You sat for the SSB written examination, studied real hard, and voila, you cleared it! Well done, on the job, not many reaches where you already have. But before you begin beaming with overconfidence, we’d like to say something to you.

While you have cleared the first step towards getting your dream profession, it’s just the beginning, what’s in store for you next is equally or probably tougher than what you have already endured.

The SSB interview rounds are not a piece of a cakewalk with the interviewer skinning every trait of you and checking your capabilities. But, here’s how you cope up. We are giving out a few suggestions on how to tackle the rapid-fire round with a blast:

Wear your confidence today:

If there’s one big turn off that every interviewer catches within a blink, it’s this. Lack of confidence and nervousness are two enemies that can throw your file in the dustbin, believe me, no one is taking your life, just relax and keep your calm. The most you have at stake is a failed attempt, that’s it.

Fickle Minded? NO!

Jumping from the answer to answer and playing a guessing game is strictly not allowed in this. Just stick with what you answer at the first go whether or not it is correct, switching the answers again and again will ruin it for you and leave a bad impression.

Stick to the rules:

Rapid is rapid. Understand that, don’t be ignorant, be quick in your answer. Always try to add a fun element, or a light note in your answers, to keep the atmosphere relaxed and not too stressed out. (P.S. Skip it if the interviewer is shady. It may backfire.)

Let them speak:

You need to be quick but not so quick that you interrupt the moderator even before he has finished asking the question, that will be taken as a minus. Be a good listener, process what they say and then speak.

Always greet:

You are no robot, and humans interact with others. Greet with a smile always, ask for permission, showcase your best face when it comes to manners and etiquette.

Get a mentor:

With all that said, one fact remains unavoidable. It sometimes is not quite possible for us to do it all, learn it all by ourselves, that’s when popular coaching institutes come into the picture.

Alfametis- The Best SSB Interview Coaching Center out here in Delhi, has a team of experienced faculty whose aim is to boost the morale of their students and bring them to a pedestal where they can break through any round of SSB interview.

Talking to one of their faculty members, they said “Students find it tough sometimes to construct healthy confidence within themselves. One very prominent feature that I have seen in students with a lack of confidence is an imbalanced posture which is not a good thing.

Most students hesitate when questioned, we strive to talk to our students, develop a personal connect with them and help them prepare for the interviews and for life in general too.”

The reason why Alfametis is known to be The Best SSB interview coaching in Delhi is also its student success rate, which has seen a rapid rise with the years of experience that they have dedicated to the industry.

If you need to clear that interview you are afraid of, get yourself a mentor from Alfametis, the best coaching center in Delhi for the SSB Interview Preparation.

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