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Why Us

Why Us?

The  Center is started and manned by highly distinguished Ex-Defence officers who have  adequate exposure to various nuances of selection in armed forces. Apart from this the other factors finally favoring us are

  • Quality at Affordable Cost; Value for Money
  • Furthermore highly Experienced and Trained faculty
  • Regular revision of content with in house R&D to meet pattern of exams.
  • Finally 24 x 7 Support
  • In addition arrangement of Hostel/PG separate for boys and girls arranged on request
  • Training:
    • Smaller batch size to ensure optimal Student-Trainer ratio.
    • Customized tailored course to suit specific exam requirements.
    • Flexible study options.
    • Well equipped Study Centre.
    • Center at prominent location and easily accessible by public transport.


































Alfa Metis: Best center for Nda, Cds, Afcat, Capf Exam & Ssb Interview Preparation

Best Nda, Cds, Afcat, Capf Exam & Ssb Interview Preparation – Dwarka


Company’s Profile:

Alfa Metis Academy  is part of  Alfa Metis Private limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company based out of New Delhi.  Started by Ex-Defence officers with an aim probably as a result to assist young generation. The company in additition to Exam Preparation for Nda/ CdsAfcat/ Capf/ Ta/ Acc/ Territorial Army and Ssb Interview Preparation also helps in soft skill development.

Alfa Metis Academy, Dwarka, New Delhi offers best Nda, Cds, Afcat, Capf Exam & Ssb Interview Preparation.

First of all here at the academy, we train  young aspirants in soft skills and knowledge required for cracking the competitive examination. Most noteworthy is the team of experts here have developed innovative methods of training as per the latest prescribed format. Furthermore it is imparting coaching for all competitive defence forces examinations viz Nda/ CdsAfcat/ Capf/ Ta/ Acc/ Territorial Army and Ssb Interview Preparation.

Personalised Coaching & Quality at Affordable Cost

Best Nda, Cds, Afcat, Capf Exam & Ssb Interview Preparation – Dwarka

Personalised Coaching & Quality at Affordable Cost is the motto of the company. Training at the Institute is provided in small batches of five to eight consequently ensuring monitoring progress of each candidates’s. Regular monitoring helps Institute to take corrective actions at the right time for ensuring candidates’s success in the examination. The methodology and system of training is constantly revised more or less to keep pace with the changing exam pattern. Rather to build a space for itself  the faculty has been working tirelessly towards the end.  As a result the company gives assurance to transform the prospective candidates mentally, physically and psychologically towards the direction of achieving success in written exam for Nda/ CdsAfcat/ Capf/ Ta/ Acc/ Territorial Army and Ssb Interview Preparation

Best Nda, Cds, Afcat, Capf Exam & Ssb Interview Preparation – Dwarka

At Alfa Metis Academy regular research and Analysis of Trends by expert helps us furthermore in upgrading  our Teaching methodology. Finally regular trend analysis by experts helps us in achieving our objective of relevant and updated content.

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